Friday Night Lights

Boob count: 1
Boob time: quick peek
Girls: Amber Heard

Last Man Standing

Boob count: 2
Boob time: fast flash
Girls: Katrina Lombard, Leslie Mann

The Girl Next Door

Boob count: 12
Boob time: frequent
Girls: Amanda Swisten, Elisha Cuthbert, Sung Hi Lee, Random strippers


Boob count: 2
Boob time: golden
Girls: Angelina Jolie

The Good Shepherd

Boob count: 1
Boob time: flash
Girls: Martina Gedeck, Angelina Jolie

Layer Cake

Boob count: 3
Boob time: short
Girls: Kinky Kerry, Sienna Miller

American Gangster

Boob count: A lot
Boob time: Decent
Girls: KaDee Strickland / waiting for the DVD to find out the rest of the names.

Standing Still

Boob count: 6
Boob time: Good, multiple scenes
Girls: Eva Derrek, Carla Harvey, Nikki Schieler Ziering

Perfect Stranger

Boob count: 0
Boob time: none
Girls: None but almost Nicki Lynn Aycox

Knocked Up

Boob count: 5+
Boob time: little
Girls: Emerson Riley, Stormy Daniels, Nautica Thorn

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